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What They Say

I am so thankful I reached out to Zena. She has been so so so helpful. My little girl's routine was all over the place in terms of wake ups and naps. Within a couple of days of Zena's help she was in a routine and much happier within her self. Zena listened, helped and offerred so much support.

This little person had no predictability to their day and they were experiencing false starts and split nights which we were able to stop during our time together on an Intensive Support Package

I couldn't reccommend The Little Person Sleep Guide Enough. Zena has such a gentle approach, she has been so caring and clearly put so much detail and thought into her responses. Not only did Zena give us more detail and understanding around our little boy's sleep but she helped signpost us to a tongue tie specialist which has led us to unpicking our son's oral dysfunction. 

Zena you have been an amazing support to us and shed light for us at a really difficult sleep deprived time, thank you so so much! 

This little person was struggling with frequent night wakes, Mum had already tried so much to improve this and was at crisis point. Finding our there was more going on was the light and the understanding she needed and it looking at the situation holistically enabled her to tackle the root cause to her difficulties. 

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