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What They Say

Acie - 6 Months

"I am so thankful I reached out to Zena. She has been so so so helpful. My little girl's routine was all over the place in terms of wake ups and naps. Within a couple of days of Zena's help she was in a routine and much happier within her self. Zena listened, helped and offered so much support."

Acie had no predictability to her day and her parents were experiencing false starts and split nights . During our time together, on an Intensive Support Package, we were able to stop all of these issues.

Reuben - 11 Months

''I couldn't reccommend The Little Person Sleep Guide Enough. Zena has such a gentle approach, she has been so caring and clearly put so much detail and thought into her responses. Not only did Zena give us more detail and understanding around our little boy's sleep but she helped signpost us to a tongue tie specialist which has led us to unpicking our son's oral dysfunction. 

Zena you have been an amazing support to us and shed light for us at a really difficult sleep deprived time, thank you so so much! ''

Reuben was struggling with frequent night wakes, Mum had already tried so much to improve this and was at crisis point. Finding our there was more going on was the light and the understanding she needed. Looking at the situation holistically enabled her to tackle the root cause to the difficulties. 

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Toby - 6 Months

''Zena provided an empathetic and listening ear when we made contact in regards to our sons sleep. Toby was having split nights, early risings and multiple night wakings - bedtime became a battle and would take over an hour. We were at our wits end and my anxiety around his sleep at an all time high.


Zena not only gave us invaluable information and advice regarding infant sleep but also provided tips to support me managing my anxiety around Toby’s sleep ; she truly supported us as a family holistically.


Toby only needed a few tweaks to his routine in order to reduce the amount of night wakings and false starts. We are eternally grateful to Zena for giving us our sanity back without needing to sleep train. Toby is happier and as a result so are we!''

Toby's Parents reached out to me as from around 3 months of age they were struggling with difficult bedtimes, lots of evening wake ups, long periods of wakefulness overnight and generally very inconsistent sleep. We worked under a full support package and were able to make small changes which made a dramatic difference to this family. 

Niamh - 6 Months

" So we were really struggling with getting our little one down to sleep since she was born really. She was breastfed and so she was always looking breastfed to sleep. I was the only person who could get her to sleep without hours of distressed crying and used to have to lay in bed next to her, let her comfort feed and lift her into her crib even during naps times - she was a massive cat napper as well. With returning to work approaching, I needed help so that my husband could put her down for naps and bedtime without reliance on me.


I found Zena on Instagram and after a good chat she gave me some suggestions. Nap times were resolved pretty quickly and my daughter now loves going down for her nap and goes down for anyone and she naps for longer than before which is great. 


Bedtime wasn’t as easy but we are doing so much better now. I have taken Zena’s tips onboard and my daughter very rarely wants comfort fed to sleep and my husband can get her to sleep without any tears.


She has started to sleep through the night more recently as well which is great for us all. She went through a period at 4 months where she would wake every 3 hours and around 4am she would remain awake for 2 hours before going back to sleep - no matter what we tried.


She is much happier now at nap time and bedtime and we rarely get any tears as she has some confidence now herself. 


I found the whole process with Zena so helpful. If I didn’t check in, Zena always reached out to see how we were getting on and had some suggested tweaks. I can use these tips going forward now if we ever hit any bumps in the road.


Thanks for your help Zena, I have a much happier baby.

Niamh was experiencing split nights, short naps, and struggling with frequent night feeds and Niamh only settling for Mummy at bedtime and at night. We worked together under an Intensive Support Package and managed  to make big changes with all of their struggles.

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